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January 2022 Recap

It was such an incredibly busy and productive year. I wanted to look back and take some moments to celebrate my wins. I hope you do the same.
As the year comes to an end, it is so important to take the time to reflect.
What moments are you most proud of?
Who are the people you loved spending time with?
What did you do to get through the dark periods?
I was/am grieving the loss of my beautiful mother. Never did I think I would want to dance again much less continue to produce and create.
But I know that she would have been sad to know that I stopped doing the things that brought me joy, feelings of accomplishment and most of all my purpose in life.
In 2022, I started the student training program up again for our 10th Anniversary @goddessesempoweredtheshow.
I had a crazy idea for a brand new show concept, Pole Improv and moved forward with it while creating and producing our 10th anniversary show of GE with my incredible bf Jeff Mercer
A dream came true when I got the opportunity to dance with my burlesque idol in preparation for our big show.
I did all this while working as a preschool teacher by day.
It wasn’t about trying to mask or avoid my pain. It was about honoring my mother and honoring my purpose of empowering women to live their best lives.
I say all this not to talk about how amazing I think I am but to celebrate wins I had during a very dark period.
We are allowed to be proud of the things we do. We are allowed to be proud of the things we overcome. It was a very emotional, challenging yet beautiful year and I am grateful for all the things that I learned, experienced, and worked through.
Now, it’s your turn.
I would love to hear your list below of what you were proud of this year.
Not just for me, but I think you need to see/feel it for yourself 😉